Katarina Slama

PhD student in the Knight Lab and Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at UC Berkeley.

I work on figuring out how controlled versus automatic attention travels across the human brain on a sub-second time-scale. The phenomenon is summarized nicely by Mauricio Corbetta here. With intra-cranial recordings, we are able to delineate the time course of this process with greater precision than in the past. Since it takes a little while to collect this type of data, however, hold tight for my final results.

Before graduate school, I worked as a laboratory manager in the Nock Lab at Harvard, studying suicide and self-injury. As an undergraduate at Brown, I worked on research projects with Michael Frank (deep brain stimulation and moral decision-making) and Cynthia Garcia Coll (child development and immigration).

Before I got all focused on progressively smaller building blocks of human cognition and behavior, I took a more global perspective: For my gap year before college, I worked in this refugee camp, having spent my late teens at this magical school.

Asking correctly means knowing a lot. (Said some wise Arabic speaker some time).



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